** The wheels up to 125mm are allowed at 42k, 21k and 10k.

  1. The skater who does not have a behavior in accordance with sports ethics before or during the race performance, may be disqualified.

  2. The skater who does not have the race number assigned by the organization, or if the number is not correctly placed, may be disqualified.

  3. That skater not leaving the track once completed his race, may be disqualified.

  4. Skaters placement at the time of the departure shall be indicated by referee. Separate departures can be made according to category.

  5. Helmet will be mandatory, and the rest of protections (wrists, knees …) are recommended.

  6. Closing times: 12:30 for all races.  The last lap will be allowed to anyone passing start line before 12:15.

  7. Every participant registered in the race assigns his image rights to the organization. The organization will eventually use the videos and photographs for the promotion of this event (non-profit use).

  8. Professional photographers and / or enthusiasts who take photographs throughout the event (Sunday) must have express authorization from the organization. Ask for your authorization at If you ask for authorization and we do not answer, it means that you are not authorized.

  9. There will be a supply point with water bottles available in the track during the 42k, 21k and 10k races.

  10. Every registered participant undertakes to abide by all the regulations of both the general and specific regulations, and especially with regard to abandoning the race when the referees consider that their technical and / or physical level is not adequate, and when it is not able to respect the maximum finishing time indicated by the organization.

  11. All officially registered participants will be covered by an insurance policy, arranged by the Organization, which will cover accidents that may occur as a direct consequence of the development of the race. The insurance and responsibility won’t cover or indemnify in any case suffering or latent health issues, imprudence, negligence, non-observance of the laws and the articulate of the regulation, etc., as well as those produced during journeys related to this event.

  12. Once the payment is made, registration price won’t be refunded in any case. In the event of heavy rain, the race will be carried out normally.

  13. In case of forced cancellation due to external causes, the registration won’t be refunded, but will be compensated for the registration for the Race that will be carried out in 2021.

  14. At the moment of picking up the number you must leave a deposit of € 20 that will be returned at the end of the race,  once when the chip is returned. Clubs or groups of friends: We will ask you to designate a manager to collect chips from your team and leave a single deposit for the total.

  15. Anything not covered by these rules will be resolved based on the rules of the sspeed skating competition.



© Barcelona Roller Marathon 2020. Organised by Club Patí Barcelona.

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