How DOES it work?

From April to July , 4 different, progressive distances that will sum up to 105km.


From the 1st to the 15th of August , you will be able to repeat those distances that you want to improve or that you were not able to complete before.


You can use any app that allows you to post a link to your activity.


Have you already run your distance? Upload your result here!


Want to see how the competition is going? Access the ranking here!


About the challenge

1. What does the challenge consist of?
The challenge consists in 4 distances on skates: 10k (April), 21k (May), 32k (June) and 42k (July). You will have a full month to complete each distance and upload it to our system. Each race has its own separated ranking. 

2. What about August?
Form Aug. 1rst until the 15th all races will be open for everyone registered. You can either complete a missing distance or try to beat your previous time.

3. Is there a one-shot 105km challenge?
Nope. 105km is the sum of the 4 distances. But you can skate 105km in one shot and use that activity for any of the 4th distances (one different activity per distance).

4. Is this only for people from Barcelona?
Of course not. This is an international event from Barcelona to the world with all our love for our sport.

5. Is this only for speed skaters?
Of course not. This is for everyone that loves to skate and feels like joining our challenge!

6. Why all this?
We thought this would be a good motivation idea for our face-to-face marathon on Sept. the 5th. because it presents small milestones along the way from may until august. Of course we also do all this because we love to skate and we want to share our passion all over the world, no matter if you are coming or not to our face-to-face race.

7. How much does it cost to participate?
The participation price is €15. If you register together with the face-to-face race, you will have a € 10 discount on the total price. In the event that the face-to-face race is canceled, the €15 of the virtual test won't be refunded. In the event that we have any profit, every single euro will be dedicated to make our race better.

8. Why isn’t this for free?
We are a non-profit organization but this does not mean that we have everything for free. There are many things that have human resources behind them, holding everything for all of us to enjoy. Our price will be probably under the real cost, but we have economic help from our City to cover the rest.

9. What do I need to participate?
Skates, internet connection and an account to any sports app like Polar Flow, Garmin, Strava and so on, that allows you to share a PUBLIC link to your activity. In this public activity we must be able to see: total km, total time and a map with the track of your session.

10. Tell us more about the rankings.
Rankings are automatic, based on the results you send us. Once the test is over, we will post the ranking as a testimonial in the results section. However, remember that our goal is to find a way to come together virtually and share what we love most with people around the world!

11. Will there be a diploma, medals or t-shirts?
We will post the diploma of participation in the rankings. About medals and t-shirts, we are thinking about the possibility of offering the service separately.



Racing conditions

1. When do I have to stop my tracker?
We recommend that you skate at least half a kilometre further than the required distance, to avoid misreading that might cause your distance to be lower when upload to your app. Don’t worry, we will calculate your time for the required distance.

2. Can I race on quads?
Yes! And send us a photo so we can share it with everyone!

3. Can I just skate some of the distances?
Yes! You can do all of them or the ones that catch your eye the most. With your registration you have the right to do the 4 distances and appear in each ranking and in the finisher section.

4. If I just take one of the distances, will I appear in the rankings?
Each test has individual classification. You will appear in the rankings of all the tests that you finish and upload correctly.

5. I don’t look forward to doing 42km or 32km, can I finish the 105km repeating shorter distances?
We are sorry, but you must finish each challenge as it is, to sum the 105km and appear in the finisher section. Please note that there is no need to be the fastest one. You can try to skate 42km stopping and resting along the way. It might take longer, but you will be able to finish your distance!

5. How many times can I take the distance?
You can skate as many routes or workouts as you want, always between April and August 15th. When you duplicate a result, we will delete the one with the slowest time, or the one with the least km in the event that the km does not reach the minimum of that month's test.

6. If I do a 42km test, can I use it to score in all the distances?
Nope! A different activity must be done for each completed distance.

7. Can I do all the distances concentrated in one month?
Only in the case of August, where you can improve or make up the distances that you are missing. From April to July, you must take the correct distance for each month. Note that in all cases, from Aptil until August 15th applies the same rule: one activity per distance.

8. Can I split a distance in different sessions?
No, each distance must be done in a single session. You can stop and rest during a session, but do not stop your tracker!




1. What if I don’t have an account to any app?
You can open a free account to almost any app. Ask your friends or ask us for recommendations.

2. I have a private account in a sports app and I can’t or I don’t want to share.
You can try either to set only one session in public or to open a new account to any app of your choice to put the specific activities that you want to share in our challenge. In order to appear in the final ranking, you need to provide a link to your public activity.

3. Where can I upload my activity?
Look above for the “Publish” button. It will ask the total km and time of your activity and a link to your public activity as well. You will have to provide your registration email, that will be linked to your account and will upload the result automatically to the ranking.

4. How can I upload my activity?
We will ask you the link to your activity, that must be public. You will also have to write down how many km and time appear in that activity record. Our system will calculate your 10k time using a rule of three.

5. What if someone puts the wrong format or a different km /time than in their public activity?
Wrong formats are automatically detected and flagged in the rankings. If that is your case, you can upload your activity again with the correct format. We will delete the wrong entry later. We also will be reviewing all entries in the search of discrepancies between the data introduced and the data shown in the public activity.

6. I’ve done more distance than needed. How will you calculate my time?
Rankings are automatically calculated based on a rule of three. In some cases, we will be able to manually correct some results.

7. How will you control the cheaters?
Skaters are not cheaters. Never. Besides, what kind of person would cheat in a thing like this? But just in case, we will be reviewing and polishing the classification in search of unintentional errors.

8. I posted my activity and didn’t make it to the final rankings!
You may have entered the result in the wrong format, used a different email address than the registration form, we might have detected some form of abuse or made a mistake. You can contact us and we will try to solve it.

9. I’ve read everything and I still can’t solve my problem!
If you do not find the solution, contact us via email ( or whatsapp (+34) 688941912 (please do not call us!). We will be happy to attend you and try to help in everything we can.



WhatsApp: +34 688 94 19 12
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